Monday, May 25, 2009

Twitter Art Show: DEADLINE

I have read all the comments and suggestions. I have come up with a list of things we need to do and steps we need to take.
I am going to write an exhibition proposal for a traveling show related to Twitter. (See details below) The proposal package will be in CD form and we can send it to prospective galleries. Most gallery “calls for proposals” want this information:
1. Proposal (one page explanation)
2. Artist Statements
3. Artist Bio
4. Contact Information
The requirements vary slightly from gallery to gallery. I can make adjustments as necessary.

The very first thing we need is ART. I have created a brief prospectus which outlines the specific art requirements. The deadline for submittal of art images will be JUNE 30, 2009. Mark your calendars! This deadline is iron clad. I want to have the proposal CD created by July 4th.
Here is the .pdf file of the prospectus. I think it will answer quite a few questions you might have. If you have any problems downloading this file, email me and I will send it to you.
Twitter Art Show Prospectus

Please be my proofreaders! I have been working on this post and prospectus for nearly 5 hours. I am cross-eyed now. If you find errors, let me know!

While everyone works on their pieces in the next month, each week we will have time to discuss issues such as possible venues, financial issues, possible sponsors, promotion ideas, etc. via blog posts. As stated in previous post, this show will not be an online or virtual show. However, we can talk about having a web splash page to promote the show, feature participating artist info, and exhibition schedule. If you have ideas, submit your comments! Artists have already made suggestions and I am keeping a list of tips, connections, and possible venues.

Don't forget to vote in the “Title” poll on the right sidebar. Right now, we are using the name “Twitter Art Show” as a working title. This can be changed. Let’s take a vote.
(NOTE: Voting ended May 30th. The new title is: "TWITTER:140")

Final Note to Artist Members:
The number of artists in this group will change over time. This is natural. Some will read this and become disinterested. Some will not get the work done on time. Some will just have a change of heart. This is all just fine. If we end up with a core group of enthusiastic artists, the show will be successful. All artists should work on at least one piece for the proposal package. However depending on the number of artists participating and size of venues, we might be able to show more than one work at a time. We will have to be flexible and play it by ear. Also if your work sells in a particular show, you will need a replacement piece for the next show. Therefore, it is advisable that you consider working on more than one “twitter” piece.

At this time, I will leave the list of artist members on the blog sidebar and in the database “as is” until June 30th. If you know you want to drop out now, just email me. No problem. Once the June 30th deadline passes, I will adjust the member list to reflect those who have sent me the needed image and data for our proposal. It will be then that the membership list will be accurate and reflect participating artists. This final artist list will be those included in our proposal.
If there are any questions, feel free to comment on the blog or email me at


Twitter Art Show: VOTE PLEASE

Please vote for the exhibition TITLE of your choice in the blog poll. The voting booth is located on the right sidebar below the member links. You are allowed to vote for more than one name if you like.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Twitter Art Show: NEWS and QUESTIONS

This is NOT going to be an ONLINE show. This was never my intention when I suggested this idea. In fact, I stated in the intro on the sidebar from the very first day I envisioned this show traveling. In the first two posts asking for comments, I never mentioned an online show. I spoke of seeking venues and mentioned work size limitations because this show was meant to be in galleries. Also, I have spent many, many hours collecting data for our database and started a preliminary outline for a traveling show proposal. I feel we all deserve more than just another website link when this exhibition comes to fruition. We all have our work online already and there are online shows (ad nauseam). My vision for us is far bigger than another webpage.

If some of you want to do an online show, maybe you can start an online show group. That would be just fine. Those interested in a traveling exhibition without a web show can participate here.

I am fine with the idea of a Twitter Art Show website that could give a preview of the work and/or give news of the show schedule. However, I don't want the exhibition to be shown online because this will diminish our chances for our proposal being accepted by actual galleries.

In order for me to write a proposal, we need to sort all these questions out. Jim Parker asked these great questions. We need group input for the answers.

1. Why are we doing this? Is it for exposure? To make money? To increase exposure of the arts on Twitter? To get more people to join the twitterartshow group? Is it a pure publicity venture, or an income-producing channel?

2. Why would other people care? What are the possible outcomes of an online visit? a brick and mortar visit?

I think that before we get too far into deciding the "how", the "why" should be defined, and perhaps that can further define the "how".

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Baby Steps

OK group, let’s get going! We already have a great group of artists interested. We have to do this in baby steps. If we want this to happen, we have to work together. I cannot do this by myself. I need to start writing the proposal. However, I have questions. I would like input from all of you.

What do you WANT?

My first questions are easy.
1. Should we have a theme?
2. Should there be expectations or limitations?
3. How can we incorporate the idea of TWITTER into the thesis of the show?
4. What should be the expectations of group members?

These are four simple questions. I want to hear your input and feedback. I am not the boss of this group. I am merely the facilitator. I want us to work together to make this exhibition a reality.

Please leave comments and talk amongst yourselves. I will take these ideas and compile future posts.
OK. The ball is in your court now! Go for it!

Twitter Art Show: Introduction

“Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers)” WIKIPEDIA

So what does this have to do with ART? Artists use Twitter like everyone else. The cool thing is that it connects artists all over the world. The members of this Twitter Art Show group are coming together and creating a proposal for an art exhibition. Once the proposal is complete, we will submit it to exhibition venues in hopes of exhibiting our work all over the world. In order for this to come to fruition, we all must work together as a cooperative group. We can do this. Our vision can become reality if we work together to make it happen.