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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Update and POLL

The preparations for the show are coming along splendidly! As you all know, I created artist pages for all of you. I sent emails with attachment to every artist for their approval. If you haven’t gotten back to me yet, please do so soon. These .jpgs will be included on the proposal CD. I am all done with the first draft of our proposal letter. I have started the artist list and price list to include with that cover letter. I will share all this when it is done. Also, people have been sending me lots of tips for possible venues. That is fantastic!! I will go through these in the coming weeks.
All of this organization is taking me a very long time. Please be patient. I am literally burning the candle at both ends. I want these proposals out to galleries ASAP. I think I can have the first proposals in the mail by the end of next week. This is my goal date. BTW Is there anybody in the house who is a grammar/writing whiz and can proofread the cover letter for me? Please let me know.

We owe a gracious thank you to Carla @naughtymutt! She came up with a terrific concept for a logo for our header, CD cover, and mailing label. I love the idea so much; I might even make a t-shirt out of it!! We have two different versions from which to choose. The name of the show has not been added to either logo yet. That will come later. I put a POLL on the sidebar. We want your vote! Here are the choices: Logo 1 or Logo 2. If you click the picture, you can see a larger image of each. Vote NOW! Also, don’t forget to thank Carla when you see her on Twitter!! :-)


Please vote at sidebar voting booth------>

Someone told me to mention this last night. I declined because I just want good vibes to flow. However, I now finally feel the need to say one more thing. Besides doing all this busy work for the show, I have had to endure many comments and remarks that are less than positive. I have tried very hard to let them go and move on. I have been an artist a long time. I have accomplished a whole lot in my art life. I know what I am doing here. If you don't have faith in me, I am sorry. The reason I wanted to say something now is because I just asked one artist about the email and attachment I sent. I wanted to know if things were OK. I had never received a response. The reply was the artist saw the email, saw things were fine, but didn't respond. The artist went on to say my email: "Seemed like unnecessary inbox garbage"

I cannot tell you how this hurt my feelings. I am exhausted right now because I have worked hours trying to get this together for all of us. I cannot change people or their words. I would just like to ask everyone if we can all work together in a positive way. I am not the enemy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twitter Art Show: HAPPY DAYS!

OKEY ART Tweople! We have our finished artist list, refreshed sidebar links, and lots of great TWITTER related art! Hooray! I spent the morning sorting through all the entries, checking for any missing details, and organizing each artist’s folder. There are two more artists that are not on the list yet. However, I am waiting for a few details from them. I will add those when and if I get them. It looks pretty good!

I have to write the proposal. I need a least a week to get things prepared. I will write the proposal and introduction letter. I am going to put each artist's .jpg with their data on a uniformly sized template. Then I will burn CDs. Carla @naughtymutt has volunteered to create a logo using the @ symbol over small thumbnails of our work. I will use this graphic for our CD cover and header on the paperwork.

Now, I need all of your help. We need suggested venues to send the proposal. All venues should be galleries. Please think hard and be on the lookout for possible art spaces that might accept this proposal. You don’t even have to do any research. If you give me the name of a potential venue, I will do the legwork. I will look up the gallery, find their proposal requirements, and record their mailing address. In fact, when I get a list of venues, I will share them with you and we can decide where we want to send our proposals.

I would like to send out as many as ten proposal packages. Be prepared to be rejected. This is not a big deal. The important thing is to concentrate on being accepted by a few galleries. I believe that will happen! Also, do not sell or change the work you submitted. These pieces will be included as the art which represents our proposal. These pieces should be saved for this show.

That is all for now. When I get done with the proposal, I will share it with you via this blog. If there are any questions or concerns, let me know! You can email me or tweet me!
“OK kids, let’s put on a show!!!”

Monday, June 29, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Trouble in Paradise

OK Twitter:140 Artists! First, I have to thank all of those who have submitted work so far. Some of it looks fantastic!
Here is the current problem.

This show has a theme. The theme was stated in the prospectus:
Theme: Twitter/Art/Connection

Despite the “non-jury” status of this show, as coordinator it is my job to make sure this show looks professional. Also, all works must fit within the theme and prospectus requirements. Artists were given a month to create a specific piece for this Twitter show. Some of the work submitted has interpreted this theme very well and it is obvious. However, others seem to be submitting any piece of art that fits the size requirements.

If it isn’t apparent the work is about TWITTER, the artist needs to include some kind of explanation in their 140 character statement. Tell WHY your work relates to twitter. If any work doesn’t fit into the Twitter theme, it will not be included in the show.

Tomorrow is the deadline. I will be accepting work until midnight PST, June 30th. We will see what happens.
I will keep you posted this week as to our status.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Twitter Art Show: The WAITING Game

This is going to be a quick and easy post. At this point, we are just waiting for the art deadline. Remember: JUNE 30th. We still have 3 weeks left! Don’t feel bad if you aren’t finished. I am doing an assemblage and all the pieces are still scattered all over my studio! Kudos to @jdcasten. He has already submitted his piece (beautiful!) and information (perfect!) Thanks jd!

Another reminder to all Twitter:140 artists: PLEASE check the side bar of this blog and make sure your twitter name is spelled correctly. Also, make sure your name is linked to your website. I want people to be able to find you on Twitter and the web. When I set up the database, I tried very hard to cut and paste all info so I wouldn’t make a typing mistake. However, even this strategy is not fool proof. If there are any problems, you can tweet me or email me:

One thing I want to clarify is about the means of communication. I am NOT sending any communications through email. All information about the show will be posted on this blog. Monday will be post days. I will announce posts and any special announcements via Twitter. If you do not follow me, that is perfectly fine. I include #twitterartshow with any post relating to this show. Therefore, if you go to Twitter Search and plug in that hashtag, you will see all the Twitter posts about this show.

That’s about all I have to say at this point. So I suggest you use the comment section as an “OPEN FORUM”.
Do you have any ideas or concerns?

Speak up!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Positive ENERGY!

OK Groupies! Things are rolling along! I feel really great about the progress we have made in such a short time. Can you believe we started all this only 12 days ago! Is this possible? YES! It shows if we stick together and work on a common goal, it can and will happen!

Here is the latest news:
We have a title for the show. By popular vote it has been determined our “first” show will be titled “Twitter : 140”. I LOVE IT! I don’t know who thought of this name. I remember reading it somewhere in the comments. If you are the one who coined it, THANK YOU. It is a great title!

Notice I wrote our FIRST exhibition. Hopefully, we will be able to organize more shows in the future. I am being optimistic. Therefore, we will use the new title for the show. However, I will continue to use the hashtag #twitterartshow for announcements on Twitter, as well as, keep the name of this blog “Twitter Art Show”. That will be our umbrella name for our group and encompass all future shows. Sounds good to me!!!

I have updated the prospectus with a new header. Also, I added slight additions to the prospectus. Before you call foul, I didn’t change any of the meat of the requirements. I would never do that. I just added a few tidbits. For example, someone asked if the size included the frame. So I put the size requirement DOES include the frame on the prospectus. Now, if you printed the prospectus last week and you plan to frame your work which will take you out of the 140 square inch requirement, don’t get your panties in a wad. It is just fine. I am not going to be measuring anything. It is just fun to stay within that 140 square inch range. As long as you do a piece 140 square inches or less and don’t add on a 3 foot frame, all is well! LOL

Another little reminder I added to the prospectus is about shipping. When we start to ship to galleries be sure to use durable boxes that can endure both delivery and return shipping. That makes sense.
Lastly, I want all of you to start thinking about possible venues. Come July, we will have a viable exhibition proposal package. Who can we send it to? We all have different resources and connections. Let’s use them!
I am keeping a list of venue possibilities given to me by Twitter artists. Keep me posted if you have any ideas. Also, if you have any concerns, suggested blog topics, or general questions, tweet me or email me anytime! @wizzlewolf or

Remember JUNE 30th is our deadline for finished work. Let’s do it!

Opps! ONE MORE THING! This show is still open. The exhibition proposal CD will be based on and include only the artists who submit work by June 30th. If you are new to the group and want to participate, go for it! Print the prospectus and get to work on your piece(s)! Just remember to email me your artist name, twitter name, artist website, and email address. I will add you to the blog hot link list and the database. Send info to:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Twitter Art Show: DEADLINE

I have read all the comments and suggestions. I have come up with a list of things we need to do and steps we need to take.
I am going to write an exhibition proposal for a traveling show related to Twitter. (See details below) The proposal package will be in CD form and we can send it to prospective galleries. Most gallery “calls for proposals” want this information:
1. Proposal (one page explanation)
2. Artist Statements
3. Artist Bio
4. Contact Information
The requirements vary slightly from gallery to gallery. I can make adjustments as necessary.

The very first thing we need is ART. I have created a brief prospectus which outlines the specific art requirements. The deadline for submittal of art images will be JUNE 30, 2009. Mark your calendars! This deadline is iron clad. I want to have the proposal CD created by July 4th.
Here is the .pdf file of the prospectus. I think it will answer quite a few questions you might have. If you have any problems downloading this file, email me and I will send it to you.
Twitter Art Show Prospectus

Please be my proofreaders! I have been working on this post and prospectus for nearly 5 hours. I am cross-eyed now. If you find errors, let me know!

While everyone works on their pieces in the next month, each week we will have time to discuss issues such as possible venues, financial issues, possible sponsors, promotion ideas, etc. via blog posts. As stated in previous post, this show will not be an online or virtual show. However, we can talk about having a web splash page to promote the show, feature participating artist info, and exhibition schedule. If you have ideas, submit your comments! Artists have already made suggestions and I am keeping a list of tips, connections, and possible venues.

Don't forget to vote in the “Title” poll on the right sidebar. Right now, we are using the name “Twitter Art Show” as a working title. This can be changed. Let’s take a vote.
(NOTE: Voting ended May 30th. The new title is: "TWITTER:140")

Final Note to Artist Members:
The number of artists in this group will change over time. This is natural. Some will read this and become disinterested. Some will not get the work done on time. Some will just have a change of heart. This is all just fine. If we end up with a core group of enthusiastic artists, the show will be successful. All artists should work on at least one piece for the proposal package. However depending on the number of artists participating and size of venues, we might be able to show more than one work at a time. We will have to be flexible and play it by ear. Also if your work sells in a particular show, you will need a replacement piece for the next show. Therefore, it is advisable that you consider working on more than one “twitter” piece.

At this time, I will leave the list of artist members on the blog sidebar and in the database “as is” until June 30th. If you know you want to drop out now, just email me. No problem. Once the June 30th deadline passes, I will adjust the member list to reflect those who have sent me the needed image and data for our proposal. It will be then that the membership list will be accurate and reflect participating artists. This final artist list will be those included in our proposal.
If there are any questions, feel free to comment on the blog or email me at


Twitter Art Show: VOTE PLEASE

Please vote for the exhibition TITLE of your choice in the blog poll. The voting booth is located on the right sidebar below the member links. You are allowed to vote for more than one name if you like.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Twitter Art Show: NEWS and QUESTIONS

This is NOT going to be an ONLINE show. This was never my intention when I suggested this idea. In fact, I stated in the intro on the sidebar from the very first day I envisioned this show traveling. In the first two posts asking for comments, I never mentioned an online show. I spoke of seeking venues and mentioned work size limitations because this show was meant to be in galleries. Also, I have spent many, many hours collecting data for our database and started a preliminary outline for a traveling show proposal. I feel we all deserve more than just another website link when this exhibition comes to fruition. We all have our work online already and there are online shows (ad nauseam). My vision for us is far bigger than another webpage.

If some of you want to do an online show, maybe you can start an online show group. That would be just fine. Those interested in a traveling exhibition without a web show can participate here.

I am fine with the idea of a Twitter Art Show website that could give a preview of the work and/or give news of the show schedule. However, I don't want the exhibition to be shown online because this will diminish our chances for our proposal being accepted by actual galleries.

In order for me to write a proposal, we need to sort all these questions out. Jim Parker asked these great questions. We need group input for the answers.

1. Why are we doing this? Is it for exposure? To make money? To increase exposure of the arts on Twitter? To get more people to join the twitterartshow group? Is it a pure publicity venture, or an income-producing channel?

2. Why would other people care? What are the possible outcomes of an online visit? a brick and mortar visit?

I think that before we get too far into deciding the "how", the "why" should be defined, and perhaps that can further define the "how".

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Baby Steps

OK group, let’s get going! We already have a great group of artists interested. We have to do this in baby steps. If we want this to happen, we have to work together. I cannot do this by myself. I need to start writing the proposal. However, I have questions. I would like input from all of you.

What do you WANT?

My first questions are easy.
1. Should we have a theme?
2. Should there be expectations or limitations?
3. How can we incorporate the idea of TWITTER into the thesis of the show?
4. What should be the expectations of group members?

These are four simple questions. I want to hear your input and feedback. I am not the boss of this group. I am merely the facilitator. I want us to work together to make this exhibition a reality.

Please leave comments and talk amongst yourselves. I will take these ideas and compile future posts.
OK. The ball is in your court now! Go for it!

Twitter Art Show: Introduction

“Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers)” WIKIPEDIA

So what does this have to do with ART? Artists use Twitter like everyone else. The cool thing is that it connects artists all over the world. The members of this Twitter Art Show group are coming together and creating a proposal for an art exhibition. Once the proposal is complete, we will submit it to exhibition venues in hopes of exhibiting our work all over the world. In order for this to come to fruition, we all must work together as a cooperative group. We can do this. Our vision can become reality if we work together to make it happen.