Saturday, September 26, 2009

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Linda Stillman

Linda Stillman is an artist whose main focus is on investigating concepts of time, memory and our interaction with nature. She works in various media: collage, painting, photography, sculpture and installation. Her work is eclectic, but consistently concept based and influenced by a minimalist sensibility. Of particular interest to her are everyday, often meaningless or overlooked objects and fleeting moments of experience, and the ways in which they are collected, preserved, and remembered.

In the “Daily Paintings” series, shown here, she paints a small panel of the sky every day in an ongoing series, started in August 2005, and continuing indefinitely. As an outgrowth to the “Daily Paintings” series, she uses the leftover dried paint from her palette to make abstract paintings, like the one in the "Twitter 140" art exhibition.

She exhibits regularly and is active in the New York art world. Her work is in many private collections. Linda is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (BA), the School of Visual Arts and Vermont College of Fine Arts (MFA).

Daily Paintings, detail: June 2006
26 x 25 x 3/4 inches
Acrylic, gouache on paper on panels
@ Linda Stillman, 2006/2007 all rights reserved

Click pic to see more of Alison Jardine’s work.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Alison Jardine

Alison Jardine is a British artist who now lives in Texas. Inspired by the Texan sky and countryside, she paints landscapes on location and uses these as the basis for her current series of natural abstractions, unusual landscapes using the motif of the tree that explore the edges where the sky meets the earth.

She is currently establishing her own studio~gallery in Dallas, which she recently won in an art competition. Her painting "After Midnight" will be featured in the Self-Portrait edition of Poets & Artists (Oranges & Sardines) magazine, in the Fall.

"Trees Squared"
Oil on canvas
56" x 56"
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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I’m an outsider artist (being diagnosed as schizophrenic – I hear voices, and they hear me think—also I’m also mostly self-taught) and I work frequently with digital manipulations of my original photography. Being at least a 5th generation Oregonian (even further if you consider my 1/32 Kalapooian Indian heritage) living in Eugene, I’m used to the rain and the all too shrinking beautiful nature of the Willamette valley and Oregon coast. I’m currently 41, but feel much like I’m at the 31 year old maturity level, having lost about a decade to strong anti-psychotic medications and endless television.

In my art, I try to deconstruct clich├ęs and kitsch and illustrate my poetry and philosophy (I have a M.A. in philosophy and have focused on Derrida and Artificial Intelligence). I think clich├ęs are underrated in their importance to “common sense”—something very hard to emulate on computers; and I try to refresh these often stale ideas and images. I also work with music; having released my second album “Melody Method” under my moniker “The Rhythm Messiahs” in late July, 2009; and have edited books for the artists Ana Voog, and Sara G. Umemoto as the Post Egoism Media publisher.

“Rose Colored Contact Lens”
JD Casten
Jan 2009
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Monday, September 7, 2009

TWITTER 140 Exhibition Venues Wanted

Here is our TWITTER 140 “commercial”. Keep trying to find more galleries! We did it once, we can do it again. In the meantime, here is a little ditty to help our cause!!!

Click pic to watch our Twitter 140 video!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Our FIRST opening seems to have been a great success. I wish I had been there! I am sure other artists in the show feel the same way. However, we are lucky. In this time of technology, we have instant feedback from far away lands.

Early this morning I got an email with photos from Claude (aka: @Dooko). Here is the text of his first email:

The Opening was really good, lots of people coming in and out of the Gallery and many positive comments on everyone's Art! Downtown Flagstaff was full of people! In Heritage Square a kids movie was on the outdoor screen, several blocks were crowed with people in and out of other Galleries and Shops, a Huge turnout for Flagstaff Art Walk. In spite of my reservations of the art all on one wall and close together I think it worked out for the better...people were looking at ALL the Art in one area...the numbers were not with sharpie, my bad, but looking through a reflective window that day. Names of all the Artist's was nicely displayed. Here's some pic's..I did take one of Steve with my camera but it didn't take I guess. Steve and John took a bunch of photo's also and you'll probably get those soon. I left around 8:30 and still the town was 'hoppin'.

His second email read:

The Mayor of Flagstaff came up and introduced herself to me, Sara Presler. I had never met her before, we had a nice convo. She really liked the concept and artwork. It might have been Steve who pointed her my way. Anyway, there were literally hundreds of people in downtown last night.

His third email read:

"Steve was our 'point man' and he enjoyed talking about the show with people he knew, like the Mayor and with that, he attracted many listener's."

These emails made my day!!! THANK YOU STEVE!!!! I am so happy we are off to a great START! Yes, we still haven’t heard from other galleries yet, but let’s take this as a good omen. We still have lots of time to try to make this twitterartshow bird FLY!!!
Here are some photos of the opening. TOO COOL!!!
Thanks Claude!!!!

“Holly Pyle Trio”

“Dooko” (aka: Claude)

“John” (aka: @ZephyrusNYC)

Our illustrious host: Mr. David Grandon

BTW, I think we should all give three cheers to David Grandon. We all owe him a huge thanks with lots of hugs for doing this show for us!!! Three cheers for DAVID!!! Hooray!!!

Here are some of Steve's (aka: @Buffalokid) photos:

"Mayor Pressler"

"@SOCJacki Tweeting at the Twitter Art Show"


Gina Gomez is a contemporary abstract artist who specializes in the creation of original, mixed media, abstract paintings. Her creative study and experiementation with various media and materials reveals a careful attention to texture that ultimately brings out the color and depth in each piece.

California-born, Gina Gomez, discovered her attraction to the arts at a very early age when she explored Play-dough and finger-paints. Soon after, her interests quickly expanded into creating visual art and writing. Her interest in oils came about when her mother enrolled her in an art class at the age of seven. It was much later that she learned of her great-grandfather’s work as an artist specializing in fresco paintings in churches throughout El Paso, Texas and Mexico. After a 30-year detour in corporate business, Gina found herself drawn back to her creative calling. With the encouragement of loved ones, Gina began creating contemporary pieces using mixed media. She has had the opportunity to travel the world and her art is enriched and inspired by the earth tones of the Tuscan hills in Italy, the fine packed gravel and stones used to create the Great Wall of China and the densely populated trees in the Black Forest region in Germany. Gina combines these images with intuition and meditation to inspire these one-of-a-kind creations.

"Eastern Sun"
Mixed media
16" x 20"
Click pic to see more of Gina’s work.