Friday, July 31, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Quick Update

1. I am wondering if no news is good news? The silence is deafening! There is very little news to report at this point. I sent out 12 proposals. Obviously, we had one positive response: Grandon Gallery. We also got one rejection email from a Florida gallery (figures!). So we still have ten proposals out with no responses yet. We will see. Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, do a rain dance, or whatever it takes to help us get MORE SHOWS!
2. Unfortunately, I got word that one artist has dropped out of the show. This is sad news. I wish him well and great success.
3. Artist of the Week blog posts will begin tomorrow August 1st. They will always be posted on Saturdays. I have created a schedule of AOW artists on the sidebar. If you want to join in, send me your stuff. Here are the simple directions:

Twitter "Artists of the Week"
If you want to participate all you have to do is write a two paragraph blurb about yourself. (Think in terms of “WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE HOW”) Send this to me in the text box of your email to me. Also, send ONE preferred URL and ONE photo of your art. The art you choose does not have to be your twitter piece. It can be any art you would like to showcase. When I set up your “Artist of the Week” entry, I will link the photo to your URL. If you are interested, send your paragraphs, URL, and .jpg to

That is all for now. Keep in touch and don’t forget to send me photos of your second Twitter 140 piece before you ship it to Grandon!
Talk to y’all later!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Grandon Art Gallery

We have a show! In September, Grandon Art Gallery in Flagstaff, AZ will be showing Twitter 140! I spoke with David Grandon the gallery owner yesterday via telephone. He just wrote me an email to confirm the dates and supply additional information:

“The opening of the show will be the September 4th, the First Friday of the Month (coinciding with our artwalk. The music will be a small percussion section of our Symphony featuring a couple of steel drums!
I would love to have the work as early as possible (I can store it in the gallery no problemo) but would like the work here by the last week of August. I am used to hanging work the day of the show but like to avoid it if possible!). My address gallery is:

The Grandon Art Gallery
20 N. Leroux
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

I am not particularly worried about agreement forms or contracts for a one month show. Besides your letter required the artist to provide their own insurance.

Here are things to remember:

1. All work should be professionally presented and exhibition ready (wired, framed if necessary, no glass).

2. U.S. artists send work to Grandon Gallery to address stated above so it arrives no later than the last week of August. BE SURE to include a prepaid waybill (FedEx, UPS, etc.) for the return of unsold work. International artists can send the work to my studio (as discussed in my email sent to you earlier today.) You do NOT have to provide return shipping payment at this time. I will ship my work with international art together as a group via Fed EX and it will be all boxed together in the same container to be returned to my studio. (So it will be all together for our next show.) I need your work no later than August 24, 2009.

3. IMPORTANT: If you are sending two works, don’t forget to send me a photo of your second piece along with title, size, media, and price. I will add this information to our artist/price list database.

4. We are working on a press release. When it is done, I will share it with you. You can send it to your local press. This is a perfect time to “toot your own horn”!

5. I am assuming all artists will allow their artwork photos to be used for press purposes. If you do not want your photos used for show related publicity, speak up now.

OK. I think that is enough information for now!
If any of you have further questions, email me. :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Twitter 140 VLOG UPDATE!

Instead of reading, today you can hear me!
Here is an update!

TWITTER 140 is ready to roll!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Twitter 140 CENTRAL!

I can hear the BUZZ! My computer room has turned into “Twitter 140 CENTRAL!” I wanted to wait for another day or two to post. However, things are happening so fast and furiously, I decided to post now. There are bunches of details I need to share. One of the things that is important to me is to keep you all informed. I feared if I waited longer, your head would start spinning like mine is now! Just for the sake of sanity, I am numbering my points. I am a right brain girl. I need some tool to keep me organized.

Here goes:
1. I have finished the proposal cover letter. I wanted to let you all know I stated each artist will provide TWO pieces for the show. I mentioned this back on the May 25th post. I wrote about how we have to play some of this by ear. Since we ended up with only 24 artists, this allows us to show 2 works each. This is a good thing. If you don’t have a second TWITTER piece, you can work on it if and when we get news we are showing in a gallery. I mentioned in that same post, it would be wise to have more Twitter art. If your work sells in one show and we need to move to another gallery, you will need a replacement piece anyway. REMEMBER: All pieces you make for this show must reflect the TWITTER theme and requirements. So, think ahead.

2. I changed the name of our show slightly. I removed the colon. Instead of Twitter:140, it is now Twitter 140. This is no big deal. It just wasn’t working graphically. Done.

3. I will be sending out a batch of proposals by the end of this week. We have a pretty good list of galleries. I am working my way down the list. I will send more out each week. I will write more about when and where I am sending these in the next blog post.

4. I want to remind all of you about the issue of REJECTION. You bet your bippy we will be rejected. I will share the rejection letters with you all. I just don’t want anyone to be discouraged. This is part of the deal. Sometimes our art lives are a bit of a crap shoot. That is just fine. The most important thing is we just keep moving. In our case, we will just keep sending out proposals. Someone somewhere will see we are good and right. We are simply looking for those people.

5. I am going to write another post in a few days. I will update you about the galleries to which I am sending proposals. Please be patient.

6. Lastly, I mentioned starting an “Artist of the Week” on this blog. We are going to do that for sure. In fact, I am going to make a schedule. I will let you all know YOUR week. You can write a paragraph or two about yourself and I will include that info and your website during your week. We will start this after I get at least a dozen proposals done and mailed. This should be in a week or two.

Enough for now. Is your head spinning yet?
Welcome to my world! :-)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Update and POLL

The preparations for the show are coming along splendidly! As you all know, I created artist pages for all of you. I sent emails with attachment to every artist for their approval. If you haven’t gotten back to me yet, please do so soon. These .jpgs will be included on the proposal CD. I am all done with the first draft of our proposal letter. I have started the artist list and price list to include with that cover letter. I will share all this when it is done. Also, people have been sending me lots of tips for possible venues. That is fantastic!! I will go through these in the coming weeks.
All of this organization is taking me a very long time. Please be patient. I am literally burning the candle at both ends. I want these proposals out to galleries ASAP. I think I can have the first proposals in the mail by the end of next week. This is my goal date. BTW Is there anybody in the house who is a grammar/writing whiz and can proofread the cover letter for me? Please let me know.

We owe a gracious thank you to Carla @naughtymutt! She came up with a terrific concept for a logo for our header, CD cover, and mailing label. I love the idea so much; I might even make a t-shirt out of it!! We have two different versions from which to choose. The name of the show has not been added to either logo yet. That will come later. I put a POLL on the sidebar. We want your vote! Here are the choices: Logo 1 or Logo 2. If you click the picture, you can see a larger image of each. Vote NOW! Also, don’t forget to thank Carla when you see her on Twitter!! :-)


Please vote at sidebar voting booth------>

Someone told me to mention this last night. I declined because I just want good vibes to flow. However, I now finally feel the need to say one more thing. Besides doing all this busy work for the show, I have had to endure many comments and remarks that are less than positive. I have tried very hard to let them go and move on. I have been an artist a long time. I have accomplished a whole lot in my art life. I know what I am doing here. If you don't have faith in me, I am sorry. The reason I wanted to say something now is because I just asked one artist about the email and attachment I sent. I wanted to know if things were OK. I had never received a response. The reply was the artist saw the email, saw things were fine, but didn't respond. The artist went on to say my email: "Seemed like unnecessary inbox garbage"

I cannot tell you how this hurt my feelings. I am exhausted right now because I have worked hours trying to get this together for all of us. I cannot change people or their words. I would just like to ask everyone if we can all work together in a positive way. I am not the enemy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twitter Art Show: HAPPY DAYS!

OKEY ART Tweople! We have our finished artist list, refreshed sidebar links, and lots of great TWITTER related art! Hooray! I spent the morning sorting through all the entries, checking for any missing details, and organizing each artist’s folder. There are two more artists that are not on the list yet. However, I am waiting for a few details from them. I will add those when and if I get them. It looks pretty good!

I have to write the proposal. I need a least a week to get things prepared. I will write the proposal and introduction letter. I am going to put each artist's .jpg with their data on a uniformly sized template. Then I will burn CDs. Carla @naughtymutt has volunteered to create a logo using the @ symbol over small thumbnails of our work. I will use this graphic for our CD cover and header on the paperwork.

Now, I need all of your help. We need suggested venues to send the proposal. All venues should be galleries. Please think hard and be on the lookout for possible art spaces that might accept this proposal. You don’t even have to do any research. If you give me the name of a potential venue, I will do the legwork. I will look up the gallery, find their proposal requirements, and record their mailing address. In fact, when I get a list of venues, I will share them with you and we can decide where we want to send our proposals.

I would like to send out as many as ten proposal packages. Be prepared to be rejected. This is not a big deal. The important thing is to concentrate on being accepted by a few galleries. I believe that will happen! Also, do not sell or change the work you submitted. These pieces will be included as the art which represents our proposal. These pieces should be saved for this show.

That is all for now. When I get done with the proposal, I will share it with you via this blog. If there are any questions or concerns, let me know! You can email me or tweet me!
“OK kids, let’s put on a show!!!”