Saturday, August 8, 2009

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Chris Billington

Expression through creation - communication through colour

Unexpectedly and suddenly coming to painting, as if driven by an inexplicable force, my emergence as an artist has been swift, and totally out of the blue. I am now working full time from my studio in Falmouth and am committed to painting as a process of creation and discovery. Through constant investigation into the properties of colour my painting has grown into a distinct language and style, often with a strong linear or geometric structure, always infused with successive layers of strong, saturated colour and drawing heavily on Cornwall.

Thus the most important thing to me as an artist is colour.

Artistic highlights to date include successfully exhibiting throughout Cornwall and painting myself on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London.. My work is already in the private collections of many artists and collectors both nationally and internationally, including London, Japan, Moscow, New York and Florida. The art historian John A. Walker recently described my paintings as “accomplished work, colourful and decorative”

“Making Space” which has just been chosen to feature on a 2010 Calendar.
Click pic to see more of Chris Billington’s work.

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Julie Caves said...

Hi Chris!

For me as well, colour is the most important thing.

Glad to be in an exhibit that included you!