Saturday, August 22, 2009

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Linda Summers Posey

Linda Summers Posey is an award-winning artist, jewelry designer and writer. Her “cosmic” art grows from her awe for our magical, limitless universe and her love of astronomy and science fiction. In addition to her strictly abstract pieces, she created a new art form she calls “Ike Art.” The day after Hurricane Ike passed through her Houston neighborhood, she looked out at the branches, leaves, even whole trees filling the streets. Instead of giving in to this depressing vision, Linda decided to find something positive – and she discovered art materials. The resulting “Ike Art” paintings are created using pine needles, oak leaves, lichens, moss, etc. as brushes and patterns. “It’s very satisfying,” she says, “to create something so colorful and beautiful from bits of the storm’s destruction.”

In 2007 Linda founded Artists Alive and Well, Inc. (AAW), a Houston-based artists’ support network. “Artists Alive and Well focuses on helping our members build their careers with passion and confidence,” she says. “We’ve held half a dozen 25-50-artist shows and several smaller ones in locations ranging from large galleries to major office buildings to City Hall. We’re gaining recognition for our artists throughout Greater Houston, and teaching them how to market and manage their art careers.” Linda lives in Houston with her husband of nearly 40 years and their three cats.

Click pic to see more of Linda’s work.

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