Sunday, May 24, 2009

Twitter Art Show: NEWS and QUESTIONS

This is NOT going to be an ONLINE show. This was never my intention when I suggested this idea. In fact, I stated in the intro on the sidebar from the very first day I envisioned this show traveling. In the first two posts asking for comments, I never mentioned an online show. I spoke of seeking venues and mentioned work size limitations because this show was meant to be in galleries. Also, I have spent many, many hours collecting data for our database and started a preliminary outline for a traveling show proposal. I feel we all deserve more than just another website link when this exhibition comes to fruition. We all have our work online already and there are online shows (ad nauseam). My vision for us is far bigger than another webpage.

If some of you want to do an online show, maybe you can start an online show group. That would be just fine. Those interested in a traveling exhibition without a web show can participate here.

I am fine with the idea of a Twitter Art Show website that could give a preview of the work and/or give news of the show schedule. However, I don't want the exhibition to be shown online because this will diminish our chances for our proposal being accepted by actual galleries.

In order for me to write a proposal, we need to sort all these questions out. Jim Parker asked these great questions. We need group input for the answers.

1. Why are we doing this? Is it for exposure? To make money? To increase exposure of the arts on Twitter? To get more people to join the twitterartshow group? Is it a pure publicity venture, or an income-producing channel?

2. Why would other people care? What are the possible outcomes of an online visit? a brick and mortar visit?

I think that before we get too far into deciding the "how", the "why" should be defined, and perhaps that can further define the "how".


Sheree Rensel said...

Here are my responses to these questions.

1. I want to do this for the exposure and for the promotion of Twitter as an artists tool. I couldn't care less how many (or how few) people join the TWITTER ART SHOW group. In fact, this number will decrease with time.

Once there are deadlines and the expectations become clearer, some will drop out. I have seen this happen in other traveling shows for which I have been a part. That is just a reality. Personally, I only want artists who will be cooperative and WANT to be a part of this group.

2. I do NOT want this to be an online show. We all have our work online already. I would prefer to submit our proposal to actual galleries (brick and mortar, as you put it). I am not interested in the "sales" aspects of these galleries. Sales would be nice, but it is not a priority to me. In other words, if we could get shows in academic or nonprofit venues, that would be just fine with me. As far as the question, why would people care? Why do people care about anything? If the concept of an exhibition of Twitter Artists entices them, they will go see the show.

Parker said...

The second part is really about defining who that audience is. If you know who they are, it's a bit easier to talk to them and get them to come. Corollary: if the audience is clearly defined, then finding spaces that are receptive to this kind of show will be easier to find.

Why should people care is one way of asking the question who is the audience. I think the concept is interesting, so do you. The question really is, who else thinks it's interesting, and perhaps more importantly, why do they think it's interesting.

I agree -- there are plenty of online venues. Too many in fact.

Having a physical show that moves from venue to venue, perhaps six in a year excites me. I think there may be a small gallery or two in the Detroit Metro area that would be interested in mounting the show, but they also will be interested in making some money from it. It will be a priority to most of them, because even the publicly funded non-profits need sales and so do the artists that exhibit there. That's how the system perpetuates itself. Somebody has to pay for the space, the postcards, etc.

And ultimately, what outcomes are expected by the group? That's probably the most important question. For me -- exposure, participation and some future sales are all important. said...

I would be more interested in physical show with the back up of
online preview because I have my work online all the time

I would like to generate sales as it's my way of putting food on the table BUT a show always generates sales even if not in the venue at the time so it's about publicity and profile.

I would like to be in a group and to promote the idea of groups coming together in diverse ways from the 'unreal/ virtual' world into the 'real' world.

I have a show space booked in January next year which is open to my curating, I may do my own show or could be a twiitterart140 show as there is room for quite an amount of work BUT not huge work and it is in the UK.

Should we all submit a typical piece of current work to see if there is a common thread or two that we can hang the exhibitions upon? There definitely needs to be a theme. Mixed 'no theme' and 'no consistency in styles' shoes very hard work?

If the show will move around for 6 months is it going to get a yawn in six months when people become bored with Twitter? Should it be called something like Diverse@140 and then the reference to Twitter 140 will be explained as the starting point and the vein running through in blurb and obvious to those who know?

Blah blah

Sheree Rensel said...

I too want a traveling show. In fact, I am only interested in fine art venues. I am not interested in showing online or little gift or sales type galleries. NOPE!

I am very, very familiar with Detroit art venues. That is my hometown. I am going to start to state our next plan of action in tomorrow's post. At that time, we can all start to create a list of possible venues to which we want to submit our proposal.

Remember, we can submit to galleries, but that doesn't mean we will be accepted. Therefore, I want to submit our proposal CD to quite a few galleries. Six shows per year is very adventurous. I would be happy with at least four. We will see.

Sheree Rensel said...

I will speak on some of these issues in tomorrow's post. As far as a the show being a "yawn" in six months, let's take it a step at a time. Once we get the show going, we can take a look at that issue. Who knows, we might be able to change the theme as time goes on just to keep interest up. said...

Hi Sheree
I agree maybe 6 in a year is a lot, four would be fine and if they are US based I would be happy to send my work over and then cover it being shipped around.
I only meant the Twitter ting being a yawn not the idea.
It's an exciting prospect, the group name is probably more important than the theme right now,
Thanks for your work
Carla (naughtymutt)

olivosartstudio said...


I think you have an awesome vision.
Online shows indeed: ad nauseaum!
A real gallery show is absolutely possible with a good proposal and planning.
From my experience, most galleries book a year ahead..something to keep in mind!
We look forward to it all!
Thanks for doing this Sheree!!!

Claudia & Sergio

jo said...

glad to read these thoughts and questions. I agree, online just for promotion. I think the 'why' is more 'why not"? its an idea of a group show..nothing new..but using this amazing new medium of twitter for promotion and buzz. I think far from a yawn, it will grow exponentially! I think more and more twitterers will be waiting for when the show comes to their neighborhood..and tweeting away to the local connections there. I am totally excited by the idea Sheree, breeeeelliant! As to what I would like to get out of it? Exposure, sales, resume, it's a win win. i think people will buy art and the show will change because of it, so another reason it won't get stale.
The logistics completely intimidate me, but it sounds like you are embracing that aspect..and with direction I hope I could be of help.
@animallounge aka jane o'hara

Sheree Rensel said...

Thanks everyone for all your input. I am posting another blog post later today (May 25). I will also include a prospectus that will explain a lot. YES, there is a lot to worry about and questions to be asked. Don't worry. It will all work out. Trust me. I have confidence and faith in us all. We can do this! Just watch!

P.S. @animallounge, fear not. It takes a hell of a lot to intimidate me! LOL LOL