Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Baby Steps

OK group, let’s get going! We already have a great group of artists interested. We have to do this in baby steps. If we want this to happen, we have to work together. I cannot do this by myself. I need to start writing the proposal. However, I have questions. I would like input from all of you.

What do you WANT?

My first questions are easy.
1. Should we have a theme?
2. Should there be expectations or limitations?
3. How can we incorporate the idea of TWITTER into the thesis of the show?
4. What should be the expectations of group members?

These are four simple questions. I want to hear your input and feedback. I am not the boss of this group. I am merely the facilitator. I want us to work together to make this exhibition a reality.

Please leave comments and talk amongst yourselves. I will take these ideas and compile future posts.
OK. The ball is in your court now! Go for it!


Sheree Rensel said...

One idea I had was to limit the size of works to no size larger than 140 square inches. For example, 14" X 10 or 15" X 9", etc.

Also, someone mentioned including artist statements in 140 characters or less. I love this idea too!

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

yes, I "idem/ditto" your above idea..and BRAVO to for thinking of this!! :)

I like the 12" x 12" size for multiple artists exhibiting.... then, theme: communication of course!!! :)

dtc said...

Nice job getting this ball rolling. Thanks Sheree!

I was going to suggest the size relating to the 140 and here I read you have already mentioned it! Yes, I think the more you relate to Twitter's 140 limits the more fun we could all have. Maybe that could be the theme in itself? How about a show titled " 140 Characters" No idea how many artists you are talking to, but no more than 140, or perhaps no more than 140 pieces total [2 each, 3 each however that math works out]. Love the idea of 140 characters in artist statements too...will try to think of more.

buddhagirl said...

1.theme: twitter
2. i think your sizing works
3. incorporate twitter: "fragmented thoughts", utilizing the @ symbol in the work, 140 symbols within the piece
4. group expectations: ?
thx for spearheadin this project!!

Anonymous said...

repost from intro page,
@EnergySkulls I suggest the theme be simply artists who tweet on twitter, size limited to easy shipping,(i like the 140 sq" idea) and family friendly images

Karen McLain said...

We could have a work that is completed in 140 minutes!

jo said...

well i'm glad everyone else had the ideas they do..I love them..but wouldnt have come up with them myself. Small is good, but relating it to the 140 # is really clever. i like the artist statement in 140 characters too. So should the work all be original, rather than giclee/limited edition prints? I'm pretty blown away that you are getting this going Sheree, when i think of the details i feel mounting anxiety...moving artwork around, coordinating it first i thought it was an online gallery you were talking about.
looking forward to this unfolding. Thanks for all you've done already Sheree

Anonymous said...

i imagined each artist would just mail their work to the venue ? yes, no

those artists that lived close would help
with the installation ?

how about adding a % of sales to charity
30% to venue
5% to charity
good idea ?

John said...

Everything said so far sounds good. Like the 140sqin. size limit (note that 12x12 is 144 sq. in., so wouldn't quite fit).

Don't like the idea of incorporating @ symbols into work (simply because I rarely, if ever, incorporate typographical symbols into my artwork).

Should theme be bird (tweet!) related, or is that too corny? Maybe it is.

The thing that is really interesting to me about twitter is the connections and interconnections between artists from around the world, so perhaps some theme relating to "network," "net," "connection," contact"... something along those lines.

meika said...

yes, where, where, where?

Don't mind a unifying theme, probably do a relief work, small, maybe a medal (for Sheree?) easy to post from Tasmania....

(my last comments here have disappeared, this is my seocnd attempt)

Parker said...

All great ideas -- love the tie-in to 140: size, artist statement, number of participants. It might be hard to convince a gallery to hang 140 artists' works in a smaller space, though.

As far as theme goes, I like the @ concept, but I think that limiting the theme too much in any direction is sorta counterproductive. If it has birds in it great! The connections/network theme is also a good starting point. @ is a fun symbol to incorporate. All of the above!

One thing that might make sense for this show is for the work to be specifically created for the show, rather than a piece that is already in circulation.

I don't think you can rule out giclees if you mean inkjet prints, as some artists here, myself included, make multiple originals using that medium. Not reproductions, but prints.

Ok, that's my two cents!

Alison said...

love comments already made. The 140 theme is good - how about calling it the "140" gallery/show?
Since twitter is a public forum, perhaps the space should be public, rather than a traditional gallery ... perhaps some sympathetic town would let us display them in a town center, or park (bird tweets anyone?), for a day. small pieces could be mailed if people can't get there because its too far away, and they can be sent with return shipping included etc. Photos could then be posted on twitpics as the day went on, and tweeted about...140 artworks...

cyrusmejia said...

Thanks Sheree for putting this together! Great idea!

I agree with the 140 sq in restriction, makes for some interesting proportions like a 7x20 which reminds me of a "Tweet window"! I also like the 140 character artist's statement.

How about "Community" as a topic, it fits with the Twitter theme.

And how about looking on Twitter for the venue as well. There are lots of museums and galleries represented on Twitter. After we have a proposal, I propose that we Tweet about it and see if we can find a venue that way.

Sheree Rensel said...

One expectation I have is that ALL members help to organize and help make this show happen. This is so simple. We need to communicate and express our opinions through these blog posts. We need to work together as a team. It will not be right or fair for a dozen artists to do all the legwork and then the other artists just show up for the shows. Nope. That ain't right. Let's all speak up!

meika said...

I reckon we should have a progressive exhibition.

Just to shake things up and get some juices reacting....

We randomly select an entrant and mail them all the works. They organise an exhibition/space/publicity and keep the works for their efforts.

Then the next fool, sorry, artist, is mailed all our artworks and they organise a show, and keep them afterwards.

And so on until the list is done.

When how do we do list keeping?

As the art is posted and twitter mediated they should be small.(compare small works at

Themes and other stuff should be left up to organiser????

Vickie said...

these are great ideas, i love the size limit and the artist statement, but what about 3d artists? I'm not one, but just curious. Members should try to also find a venue. Is anyone familiar with Art House in Atlanta?

meika said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Hi All
Being in the UK would make it quite hard for me to come to a show in the US but could certainly send a piece of work.
As a graphic designer if I were sent lo-res mall jpgs I would be happy to produce one /several images incorporating all the images which could be twitpic'd and tweeted to publicise the show. Had a thought already that this could be chopped bits of the artworks made into the @ sign
I like the idea of tweeting to find a venue.

Anonymous said...

Hello all. I like the size idea. I like the Twitter/community theme. I wonder though, if it might be better at this stage, to have a 'virtual' show. (or even a regular- say 3 monthly show). This would (a) provide 'advertising' (b) be much easier logistically. (c) enable a much larger audience participation, resulting in feedback etc.

kathy casey said...

A few thoughts on practicality:
1. Galleries are in the business of showing art to SELL it. If we are to propose this show to them, then the work needs to be of a certain quality. Usually this is taken care of by a juror of some sort. If we allow anyone and everyone who wants to be in the show- into the show- this may be a tough sale for main streem galleries. They are going to want to know what they're getting into- and whether they can make any money.
2. Public venues are great - but shows at some (not all) public venues tend to be overlooked as vanity shows. Is this what we are going for?
3. Promoting either of the above shows will take MONEY. Where will this come from?
4. Transportation costs money. Do we want to be commited to flying these pieces all over the world? I think we may need to set some practical limits on the idea of the travelling show.
5. Virtual shows are great - but they offer the same limitation as blogs, groupsites like myartspace, and twitter. Only the people who are interested in you (plus a few who wander in)are going to see it. It lacks the exposure that most artists are looking for when participating in shows. Although the expense for this venue is next to nothing, it may bring a next to nothing exposure level.

Now that I've gotten a few of my practical questions out of the way....
(I feel like such a "buzz-kill".)
I really like many of the creative ideas that have been proposed. Mainly those that center around the 140 theme. Those ideas seem just right and a no-brainer for a twitter show.

I think if we focus on one or two venues (possibly a physical location in tandem with a virtual show?) we can make some sort of headway.

Is there a central location among several of our participating artists?
or are we spread along all corners of the globe?

I think you've done a great job spear-heading this, Sheree, but participants must know that you cannot possible do it by yourself....either the groundwork or the follow through. Whatever is decided it will be a lot of work - and way too much for one person!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea to start with an online show, from which commercial galleries, museums, project, spaces could pick out pieces for a show of their interest. The hook is the twitter name and the twitter population is the free advertising. I have secured the following name and its ready to be developed. What do you think ?
Its a social media work in progress an art project in itself.

Anonymous said...

Think it might be better to build momentum that everyone is talking about it ~ then, at the right moment have a show in the flesh.
From a curating point of view, a 'mixed' show can be a nightmare to present and wonder if different categories for different shows would work better. On the other hand it might weaken the 'Twitter feel'. At this stage, at least, I think an Open is the only possible route, but I do agree with Kathy's first point.

Anonymous said...

"Think it might be better to build momentum that everyone is talking about it ~ then, at the right moment have a show in the flesh."

I agree with this. I also think a "salon" style show
would be very exciting. Old installation style from a new media population.
I believe there could be some savvy curators who would do a fabulous installation of mixed theme images, just an opinion.
I am not so excited about what has become the traditional, each spaced out piece, on the white wall
installation, but i am not against it either.

just ideas for discussion, or not

Anonymous said...

these have already been suggested but i'm putting them below once more. we've come together online and so i like the idea about it being an online exhibition, a virtual gallery.

there should be a theme to differentiate it from any other exhibition - online or otherwise. bringing the number 140 into is wonderful. incorporating the idea may take me out of my comfort zone - like incorporating the symbol @ but i think it makes very good sense to have a common theme running across the work. also limiting the numbers to 140 or less.

even though online it should be a timed event encouraging an outcome / a sale. maybe it could be planned on a six monthly basis if the first is successful. as viewership picks up with word of mouth, blog write-ups etc and that may not happen enough for the first round.

really excited about participating in the first such event : )

Parker said...

One thing that hasn't been discussed yet are the goals of the exhibition, virtual or not. It might seem obvious, but we need to answer two sets of questions:

1. Why are we doing this? Is it for exposure? To make money? To increase exposure of the arts on Twitter? To get more people to join the twitterartshow group? Is it a pure publicity venture, or an income-producing channel?

2. Why would other people care? What are the possible outcomes of an online visit? a brick and mortar visit?

I think that before we get too far into deciding the "how", the "why" should be defined, and perhaps that can further define the "how".

Strategy before tactics...


Sheree Rensel said...

This is what we are doing now. I totally agree with you. I need to know ALL of this in order to create the proposal. What is your opinion about these questions you have posed? I will include these questions for all in the next post!