Monday, June 1, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Positive ENERGY!

OK Groupies! Things are rolling along! I feel really great about the progress we have made in such a short time. Can you believe we started all this only 12 days ago! Is this possible? YES! It shows if we stick together and work on a common goal, it can and will happen!

Here is the latest news:
We have a title for the show. By popular vote it has been determined our “first” show will be titled “Twitter : 140”. I LOVE IT! I don’t know who thought of this name. I remember reading it somewhere in the comments. If you are the one who coined it, THANK YOU. It is a great title!

Notice I wrote our FIRST exhibition. Hopefully, we will be able to organize more shows in the future. I am being optimistic. Therefore, we will use the new title for the show. However, I will continue to use the hashtag #twitterartshow for announcements on Twitter, as well as, keep the name of this blog “Twitter Art Show”. That will be our umbrella name for our group and encompass all future shows. Sounds good to me!!!

I have updated the prospectus with a new header. Also, I added slight additions to the prospectus. Before you call foul, I didn’t change any of the meat of the requirements. I would never do that. I just added a few tidbits. For example, someone asked if the size included the frame. So I put the size requirement DOES include the frame on the prospectus. Now, if you printed the prospectus last week and you plan to frame your work which will take you out of the 140 square inch requirement, don’t get your panties in a wad. It is just fine. I am not going to be measuring anything. It is just fun to stay within that 140 square inch range. As long as you do a piece 140 square inches or less and don’t add on a 3 foot frame, all is well! LOL

Another little reminder I added to the prospectus is about shipping. When we start to ship to galleries be sure to use durable boxes that can endure both delivery and return shipping. That makes sense.
Lastly, I want all of you to start thinking about possible venues. Come July, we will have a viable exhibition proposal package. Who can we send it to? We all have different resources and connections. Let’s use them!
I am keeping a list of venue possibilities given to me by Twitter artists. Keep me posted if you have any ideas. Also, if you have any concerns, suggested blog topics, or general questions, tweet me or email me anytime! @wizzlewolf or

Remember JUNE 30th is our deadline for finished work. Let’s do it!

Opps! ONE MORE THING! This show is still open. The exhibition proposal CD will be based on and include only the artists who submit work by June 30th. If you are new to the group and want to participate, go for it! Print the prospectus and get to work on your piece(s)! Just remember to email me your artist name, twitter name, artist website, and email address. I will add you to the blog hot link list and the database. Send info to:

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