Monday, June 29, 2009

Twitter Art Show: Trouble in Paradise

OK Twitter:140 Artists! First, I have to thank all of those who have submitted work so far. Some of it looks fantastic!
Here is the current problem.

This show has a theme. The theme was stated in the prospectus:
Theme: Twitter/Art/Connection

Despite the “non-jury” status of this show, as coordinator it is my job to make sure this show looks professional. Also, all works must fit within the theme and prospectus requirements. Artists were given a month to create a specific piece for this Twitter show. Some of the work submitted has interpreted this theme very well and it is obvious. However, others seem to be submitting any piece of art that fits the size requirements.

If it isn’t apparent the work is about TWITTER, the artist needs to include some kind of explanation in their 140 character statement. Tell WHY your work relates to twitter. If any work doesn’t fit into the Twitter theme, it will not be included in the show.

Tomorrow is the deadline. I will be accepting work until midnight PST, June 30th. We will see what happens.
I will keep you posted this week as to our status.


Parker said...

I think you're right about this... even if the connection is loose and tenuous, it's best if the show has some cohesive hook that makes it Twitter. Otherwise it's going to be hard to get any exhibition space. Seems obvious, but evidently it isn't.

So birds, networks, connected-ness, social-ness -- it's pretty broad and it would seem easy enough to create one piece that fits the prospectus requirements.

Use your good judgement and curate a fantastic show, Sheree!

Sheree Rensel said...

I have tried to be liberal in regards to this show. I have tried to have an open mind about this. However, somebody has to steer the ship. You know?

The pieces submitted up until this weekend were very TWITTEResque and they were obviously made for this show. It IS very clear in the prospectus as to the theme and what we are going for here.
Like I said in the post, many artists made a specific piece for the show. That is how it should be.
I have absolutely no problem saying "Yay or Nay". I am not going to include work if the work doesn't fit ALL prospectus requirements! It has to make a statement about TWITTER and artists who use it.
Thanks so much for your thumbs up!

Jayne said...

Yikes, this deadline has come flying up to meet me! I will hopefully have my piece ready by midnight tomorrow (otherwise I know the consequences) Thanks for the reminder about the theme- I am certainly hoping my piece makes some sense, but will include a small explanation/statement just in case.

Completely understand your needed to keep the show within the theme.

Thanks for all your hard work in keeping up with this!

Parker said...

Should I have called my piece "Twitter Beans?"

Sheree Rensel said...


Sheree Rensel said...

HA HA HA No. The fact that the word "Connected" is in your title, that is close enough. Also, your work is abstract enough, I see how it could be interpreted (loosely) as being within the idea of the theme.

Steve said...

Phew! I got it done and submitted on time. Down to the wire, though. I suppose I should adopt the name "Last Minute Lauman."

I sure hope my piece is sufficiently twitteresque. The idea was to portray the 140 characters in the form of abstract assemblage. So it's a collection of 140 characters (loosely) and my interpretation of what a character looks like. I purposefully made some of the shapes resemble wings and feathers.

This is getting exciting. Submission of the piece makes this show a reality for me.